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Welcome To California Lavender Honey Farm

Who We Are

Hello, friends! We are Artem, Tatiana, Alexander and Ilya, the owners of California Lavender Honey Farm. In March 2021 we decided that we had had enough of hustle & bustle of big cities, traffic jams, tiny and overpriced living quarters, food of questionable origin filled​ with pesticides and antibiotics and lack of hands on, real life learning in schools. So we decided to buy a FARM!

Welcome to Our Beautiful Farm

Our 10 acres California Lavender Honey Farm is located in Paso Robles area of Central California among the world famous vineyards and picturesque rolling hills, just 40 minutes drive from the Pacific Ocean. We are growing a beautiful lavender field, tending to bees, chickens and our garden and looking forward to welcoming you here! 

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