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About Us

Join Us On Our Journey!

We want California Lavender Honey Farm to be more than just a producer of delicious honey, beautiful lavender, great gift items and fresh fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to make the farm an EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM for your entire family through farm tours, in person and online events, and FREE educational videos on variety of topics: gardening, beekeeping, sustainability, farm science experiments and crafts for kids, cooking, and much more.


Visit our YouTube channel to see all our educational content.

 Also, stay tuned for the up-dates on our educational in person tours, events, and farm stand opening hours and more  on our Events page.  

Where We Have Come From

Who are the owners of California Lavender Honey Farm?

Artem grew up with 2 sets of grandparents who had their own fruits & veggies gardens and raised chickens, ducks, and turkeys. He always wanted his sons to experience the same joys of living in the countryside as he did when he was a child: the fresh air, the deliciousness of freshly picked fruits, fun with baby chicks and the freedom to roam around and learn from the land.

Tatiana was 100% city girl who grew up in a 1 bedroom apartment and pretty much never set foot in the countryside until she met her husband. Her main passion is education. She is a strong believer in a life-long learning and that's why she happily embraced this new farm adventure as it teaches us valuable lessons pretty much every single day.

Alexander is the "Master Beekeeper" and Ilya is the "Chickens Supervisor". Together we are all a team that is super excited  about our California Lavender Honey Farm and we can't wait for you to come visit us!

California Lavender Honey Farm History

March 2021

Hooray!!! We bought the farm!

June 2021

We got our first chickens and planted the pomegranates alley

September 2021

We harvested our first honey (SOLD OUT within 12 hours)! and started planting the lavender garden

March 2022

We launched our beeswax candles, soaps and slaves as well as started farm tours

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