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Our exfoliating Lavender Srub is a dream come true for your skin! It has only natural ingredients (organic coconut oit, epsom slats and our own lavender essential oil) and it provides exceptional benefits. You should add scrub to your skin routine at least twice as week because scrub:

1. Removes dead skin cells

2. Unclogs pores

3. Makes skin soft and smooth

4. Helps skin absorb moisturizer better

5. Minimizes ingrowth of hair

6. And our scrub specifically creates an aromatherapy/spa experience

Enjoy a slef-care moment, you deserve it!


All-Natural Exfoliating Lavender Scrub

  • The listed price includes product price, CA sales tax and USPS sipping as follows: 20+1.45+5 = $26.45

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